Short Term Note Minimum 9% return

Short Term Capital Protection with Good Returns.

We are pleased to announce our latest Short Term investment, now receiving subscriptions.

This Note offers a mutual advantage to both the Trust and Investors by pre-funding participation interests in rights to litigation and assertion investments that will be absorbed into the the Trust Case Portfolios. This Manager has continued to deliver it's fixed coupons to investors consistency

For participating Investors, this means you can determine the return on your invested capital prior to your allocation going active.

  • Invest from GBP/USD 50,000

  • Minimum Coupon Return 9% on invested capital

  • Coupons Paid on Maturity, plus possible 6-9% settlement coupon

  • Principle Protection Provided by Lucrative High Value Asset Portfolio

  • Maturity date 22nd March 2023

  • Uncorrelated Asset Class

  • Digital Wallet

For further details and full Due-Diligence email for access to the information portal, where an NDA will need to be completed.