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We are pleased to announce the latest addition to our portfolio, introducing;-

The ECP - Secured 3 year Loan Note- up to 12% p.a. -$50m fund raise.

Please note :

  • The ECP team is composed of professionals from government, finance and industry who bring knowledge, experience and expertise by geography, technology, sector, product/ service and brand. These combined skill sets enable ECP to qualify high quality situations and investments and guide them through to successful outcomes.

  • ECP is able to identify new opportunities and build and operate its own subsidiary companies and joint ventures, thereby enhancing the likelihood of greatly increased financial returns.

  • This is a highly attaractive offering that provides investors with a fully secured return with the risk of investment offset by a deployment of capital across a range of sectors.

  • An additional USP is that it will have SEC Reg D approval for investors in the US.

  • Investment by Crypto Currency available.

For more information please email here and upon completion of an NDA we can forward the ECP IM and Financial Substance note details.

For further details and full due-diligence please email info@fngassociates.com