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An Australian Public Company, is the parent and controlling entity of patents and other associated IP that enables variable or dynamic pricing (also known as Surge Pricing), based on supply and demand trends without constant human intervention.

Have you ever used a website to purchase airline tickets or accommodation and found price fluctuations from one visit to the next? Have you ever taken a ride with Uber and been charged different amounts for the same journey? This is the result of Surge Pricing.

Also commonly known as “Dynamic Pricing”, “Demand-Based Pricing”, “Time Based Pricing” among many other terms, the technology is being used by global corporations across a wide variety of industries including, but not limited to, Tourism, Transportation and Retail.

The Key Points:

· Term: 24 months to maturity

· Fixed Return: 8.25% p.a. Plus 1000 shares in parent company.

· Currency: USD/GBP/SGD/AUD

· 2-Year Royalty Proceeds Coupon: Investors receive a % of monetization proceeds for 2 Years, targeting +20% p.a. returns

· Security: Senior Secured meaning investors are first in line to be repaid Principal & Interest obligations.

· Entry: From US 100,000 or currency equivalent

For full details, Information Memorandum, copies of patents, all Due Diligence documents and a current assertion update please email info@fngassociates.com to request an NDA and we will get back to you.