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Seventy Ninth Group 12 month Property note 15% p.a. 1st charge over Asset

Introducing the Seventy Ninth Group, (79th Living), a property development company specialising in Luxury properties in the United Kingdom. This current Loan Note is for the development of three dwellings to an ultra high specification in an exclusive area of Formby, a town north of Liverpool.

Who are 79th Living?

The 79th Group management team have vast experience in the UK property market and have delivered thousands of residential and commercial units in the past twenty five years, working alongside a panel of private and institutional lenders, they have developed ‘white label’ property investment products exclusively for UK professional football players and investors alike.

They purchase development opportunities in areas of high demand to build bespoke luxury properties, ensuring they obtain the best possible value for our investment, and our investors. For further details and full Due-diligence details please email info@fngassociates.com to request an NDA.

Opportunity Highlights

Issuer: Seventy Ninth Group

Receiving Agent: Seventy Ninth Group

Security Trustee: Castle Trust & Management

Security: 1st Charge over the asset/land from the outset valued at 2 million GBP

Term: 12 months

Launch Date: 11th September 2020

Close Date: 30th June 2021

Target Raise: £2.5million

Minimum investment: £10k

Interest Payment: 6 monthly

Loan Note Coupon: 15% PA

Total GDV: £7m

Target Profit: £3.5m