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Private Offering Protected Fixed Income Bond

This limited opportunity is aimed at High Net Worth Individuals and provides a 20% per annum coupon, paid quarterly in arrears over the one-year term. The underlying capital is invested in financial instrument arbitrage trading that returns monthly trading profit in addition to the coupon. Investment thresholds start from £250,000 with returns as high as 20% per month and/or Trade Participation agreement available.

This arbitrage based bond invests funds via a UK FCA regulated Payment Services provider and a Financial Bond Indemnity Insurance Policy, issued by Lloyds of London which has been attached to the bond issuance to provide investors with meaningful indemnity and principal capital-coupon protection.

The investment methodology ensures protection of capital at all times. All trade programmes are pre approved by Lloyds of London to ensure pedigree and strict arbitrage activity. The company then only participate via no depletion accounts to maintain control of capital at all times.

If you’d like further information please complete the attached NDA and I will provide further information. Once an NDA has been completed I can schedule an introductory call with the principals.

Private Offering Protected Fixed Income Bond


  • 12 Month Term Short Term Investment
  • Investments From £250,000.
  • 20% Coupon Per Annum Paid Quarterly
  • Monthly Trade Participation Profit Asset Monetisation
  • Capital Secured Through a “Non-Depletion” Account with a London Bank
  • Fully Insured Capital with Lloyds of London
  • Fully Insured Coupon FCA Regulated Counter parties
  • Independent Security Trustee