Beneficial Interest Availability

We are pleased to announce our latest equity investment, a low-cost entry point to high-value Litigation and Assertion case participation, The Trust is now receiving subscriptions.

The Trust allows investors to participate with a pre-defined exit strategy in the form of a Fixed Liquidity Event with a predefined buyback price on 31st August 2023. For all Due-Diligence email for access to the information portal, where an NDA will need to be completed.


  • Low Minimum US$50,000

  • < 12 Month Investment Term

  • Investor return in excess of 108%

  • Security of an Investment Treaty Case at an advanced stage within it's Litigation and Assertion Lifecycle

  • Exit: Fixed Liquidity Event set at $1.57 per unit

  • Uncorrelated asset class

  • Digital Wallet


An investment of US$100,000 would receive an initial enhancement on entry of 1.33 per unit, which equals 133,000 inits. On the occurrence of the Fixed Liquidity Event the investor would receive US$208,810 (133,000 x $1.57)