Corporate Financing

Corporate finance has three main areas of concern: capital budgeting, capital structure, and working capital. Capital budgeting deals with how the organization will invest in itself. Some of the long term investment which an organization can take include investing in stocks and index funds.

Options to obtain required funding could be: loans, loan notes, bonds through a LoC or SBLC and even venture capital. A veritable minefield...

Obviously the solution would depend on the amount required, the term and the purpose of any funding etc.

Please contact us for assistance on determining a solution to your requirements - using our associates who have decades of experience here, we can come up with solutions to satisfy any requirements.

Services To Drive Your Success

Financial partners you can trust

Now that you’ve made the decision to raise capital for your business, choosing the right investment banker is critical.

Whether you’re buying out a partner, financing an acquisition or seeking growth capital, we are the right choice to help you achieve your financing goals. We maintain relationships with private equity firms, venture capital firms, factors, banks, leveraged buyout funds, mezzanine lenders, insurance companies, and finance companies. You can trust us to assist you in structuring the terms of the financing, addressing intercreditor issues, coordinating investor/lender due diligence, and working with all.

Our Strengths

Pragmatic Step by Step Process

  1. We understand your funding requirements. Using our experience and hands-on dedication, we ensure that we fully understand every aspect of your funding need. Because we work directly with you, we’ll have an in-depth perspective of your funding needs.

  2. Where appropriate, we will advise you on how to package your funding proposal. Using our experience and knowledge of the current appetite of the financing market, we may advise on subtle changes. This will make a difference to you getting the funding solution you require. We will work directly with you in packaging your proposal in the best possible light.

  3. We have significant partners world-wide and choosing your Financier is the most crucial part of this process. By this stage we’ve fully reviewed and established your funding requirements. Combining these factors with a “live” understanding and appetite of what different financiers are looking for, we will promote your proposal to the right financer. our partner’s independence is a significant advantage here. We make sure to find the best financier that suits your needs without any prior obligation. Our commitment is fully to you, the client, always.

  4. We will be consistently part of the funding process, from each discussion stage, to advising and answering any questions you have. As part of your team, we will be negotiating on your
    behalf, ensuring that you get the best possible solution.

  5. After funds are drawn down we maintain our relationship with you.

Unbiased Guidance

Having no direct lending sources or investment capital affiliates, our partner provides unbiased guidance to you. We offer an extensive range of services for middle-market companies who are:

  • planning to sell a company,

  • buy a company

  • in need of capital resources.

We represent only one side - your side. We give you the advantage of tapping into the expert skills of a Principal who knows and understands both sides of a deal.

Power of Independence

You are our main priority, making your best interests, our best interests.

A significant advantage of being independent is that we can guarantee the most appropriate finance partner for you, without bias from our partner. So you can rest assured that our experience and global partner network will meet your every need.

You deserve the best possible pricing and terms. And, through our guidance, we do our best to achieve this on your behalf. You can rest assured that although some investment banking firms conduct investment and/or lending activities directly or through affiliates, we do not. What you get with us is unbiased, fully independent advice. You get a clear evaluation and autonomous advice on all of your options.

Hands on Approach

We will be present from the start of your journey all the way to the end. We will guide and ensure that your funding partner meets your needs. What you need when applying for any funding is experience in valuation, accounting, negotiation and a lot of patience. In short, a good investment banker who can achieve a funding goal. Our partner has proactively built its investment banking business for the past 60 years. We attract only accomplished business professionals with outstanding track records.

Because you’ll be assigned your own principal from beginning to end, you’ll always get the best representation and the most experienced principals throughout your entire process.

Have Questions?

No matter what your situation is, we can help you analyse and form the best strategy to take your venture to the next level. Please contact us today to discuss your options.

Global Reach, Stellar Record

Our partner has chosen the best finance partners in the world. We only work with the best so you can be sure you’re getting the best possible solution to your funding needs. We consistently screen all our funding partners to ensure impeccable success rates and stellar services. Your Financier will be committed to your needs and focused on achieving the best funding solution for you. Our funding partners have been helping companies buy, sell, and obtain finance for their businesses for hundreds of years, and have thousands of satisfied clients.